21 Jun 2015

Some bears climb trees ...

The little Skagen bear who lives in Teddy's house is always out and about. Today he wants to show you a special tree near his house.

Den lille Skagens Bamse vil gerne vise hans
favorit klatre-træ.
Den er som en hemmelig træ-hule.
Can you see from the leaves what sort of tree it is? It is also a super climbing tree with low strong branches. Very, very carefully the little bear and his friends climbed onto a comfortable branch. Even though people walked passed, nobody saw them, as leaves hung down around the whole tree like curtains. A secret tree-cave.
Kan du se hvilken slags træ den er? Se på bladene. Grenene
er lav og stærk og behagelige at sidde på.

Answer: Sycamore/Ahorn

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