8 Dec 2014

Teddy visits ARoS

Yesterday Teddy visited ARoS - art museum in Aarhus - there was something in particular the bear wanted to see - The Carnie - an installation made by Janet Cardiff and Georges Bures Miller. He also wanted to see the annual Christmas exhibition in ARoS Junior that the teddies from Skagen set up every December. 2014 is the 10th year.

During December we will show some photos from past exhibitions - organised by Jonna Thyggesen (Skagens Teddy Bear Museum), Vivi-Ann Lennartz (teddy bear artist), and Liz Hempel-Jørgensen (maker of things).

The Carnie / Janet Cardiff & Georges Bures Miller

Teddy Bears' Carnie / Liz Hempel

30 Nov 2014

Teddy is back after a break ...

Even little bears can become ill - but after lots of good care Teddy is now back in form and ready to blog again.

Teddy har været syg - men blev passet så fint på sygehuset og er
frisk igen og klar til at blogge ..
The weather has now turned very cold in Denmark and in the last days we have hearing about a very cold place in the news - Greenland - where it is much, much colder.Perhaps these bears are travelling to the polling booths by kayak and sledge!

29 Sep 2014

Rasmus Klump and pancakes!

Children in Denmark love the stories about the bear called Rasmus Klump and his friends - and eating pancakes. On the last Saturday in September families gathered in the cosy courtyard at the Teddy Bear Museum to listen to the adventures of Rasmus Klump - read by Kristine - and then enjoy pancakes made on the outdoor grill.

Læs og se mere om Rasmus Klump: Rasmus Klump Klub 

10 Sep 2014

Chocolate teddy biscuits

Last we time we had a certain 3-year-old on visit here we made chocolate biscuits using our new teddy cookie cutter. Did our 3-year-old visitor enjoy them? His response: one more please!

Chocolate teddy biscuits

Dry ingredients: 200 gr plain flour, 1 tablespoon cocoa, pinch salt

110 gr butter

110 gr sugar

beaten egg to mix

Sieve dry ingredients into a bowl.
Add butter in small pieces, rub into the mix with finger tips until crumbly.
Stir in sugar.
Add enough egg to bind the mixture to a stiff dough.
Knead on table top with sprinkled flour with a little cocoa blended in.
Roll and cut out shapes with cookie cutter.
Place on oven tray with baking paper.
Bake 10-15 mins at 190 C.
Cool on tray then rack.

Recipe from:
Marguerite Patten / Leila Howard. Step-by-step cookery. Paul Hamlyn, London, for the Australian Women's Weekly. 1964 edition.

29 Aug 2014

Rupert Bear of Nutwood

When Teddy was little he read lots of books about the adventures of Rupert Bear and his friends who lived in a magical place called Nutwood. So many exciting adventures!
Teddy recommends:  be tempted and get a Rupert Book for a child in your life -  enjoy reading it together.

To learn more about Rupert Bear click here:  Rupert Bear

... and here is the Rupert display at the Bamsemuseum with some older Rupert toys:

There all sorts of puzzles in the Rupert Books and here is one from the The Daily Express Annual: "The New Rupert Book", 1951.Ting Ling and Rupert are looking at the secret Pagoda by moonlight. It is a magical place and there are things in the scene that remind Rupert of his friends: Bill Badger, Edward Trunk, Algy Pug, Podgy Pig, Rex and Regie Rabbit and Dinkie the cat. Can you find them? (If you do not know what the friends look like check out the website link above).

8 Aug 2014

The teddies are enjoying summery Skagen!

Keep your eyes open - you may just see a teddy who has sneaked out of the Teddy Museum and is enjoying the summer weather in Skagen.

22 Jul 2014

A travelling teddy is back from a holiday down south

Teddies love to travel and the little Skagen teddy who lives here has been on holiday in a South Tyrolean village. On the way home our furry friend stayed in a Bavarian village. Beautiful mountain views and charming old houses, says the little ted, when telling friends about his trip.

Bamsemuseets rejsebamser
Udsigt fra vinduet fra ferie-villaen, Sydtirol.
Charmerende, gamle bygninger i Prichenstadt.

5 Jul 2014

In Teddy's garden

Teddy and friends love to stroll around the garden in summer - to see what is growing. The little Skagen teddy sees that the Teddy Bear Sunflowers have sprung out. Then watches the bees collect pollen. He is very pleased to see the busy workers because he knows they are making honey in the bee-hive. And we all know who loves honey.

Den lille Skagens bamse ser at Teddy Bear solsikkerne,
er ved at springe ud.

Bierne samler ind så de kan lave honning i bikuben,
tænker bamsen - og det var en dejlig tanke.

16 Jun 2014

What might you see in a teddy bear's garden?

Maybe a Thumbelina in the peonies - or a Teddy Bear sunflower ... 

Tommelise (lavet af Vivi-Ann Lennartz)
Solsikke Teddy Bear (dyrket af Teddy)
Udstillet på Bamsemuseet

1 Jun 2014


The Teddy Bears have started a new tradition at the Bamsemuseum to celebrate the start of summer - a picnic day in the museum's backyard. So here come some photographs to tell about the day.

And here is the very first picnic guest - with his own special teddy - saying hello to the museum teddies - who are ready with refreshing cordial to drink on such a warm day.

Den første gæst møder op (med hans favorit bamse) og hilser på museets bamser -
som har saftevand klar ...

And then more guests join in - they also helped us chalk up the hopscotch ...

og så flere søde gæster ...
Picnic day gave Jonna (in the middle), the museum's proprietor, a chance to talk to guests ... and everyone was offered delicious cakes from Birgit's café kitchen ...

Museets indehaver Jonna (i midten) hilser på picnic gæster
... og alle blev tilbudt kager ...

lækre kager lavet af Birgit

 And here's the hopscotch ...


A table with face-painting supplies was set-up for parents to try their hand at turning their children into little bears ...

forældre kunne benytte ansigtsfarverne - som var lagt
frem på bordet - for at forandre deres børn til bamser

The courtyard is only small but we still managed a game of hide-and-seek - little bears were hiding among the trees and bushes - each child that found one could take it to Jonna and get a little teddy treat.

Små bamser gemte sig blandt bladene - og Jonna gav
hvert barn der fandt en - en hilsen fra bamserne

In case of rainy weather there were a couple of options for activities that could be done inside ...

I tilfælde af regnvejr, var der også aktiviteter som kunne tages med
indenfor ... men det regnede ikke!

29 May 2014

Teddy Bears' Picnic Saturday at 3pm!

We're packing our picnic things. The big bears are talking about important stuff - the weather on the weekend - and little bear says "I'm packing this marcipan bear we bought in Lübeck - yummy! - can't wait to eat it!"

Bamsernes Picnic lørdag - på Bamsemuseet kl. 15 - og bamse-familien pakke picnic-kurven - lille bamse
pakke en marcipan bamse - hmmm - det vil smager godt siger han.

22 May 2014

Pack your basket with aftenoon tea and join in the teddy bears' picnic!

Saturday 31 May 3pm-5pm you are welcome to come to a Teddy Bears' Picnic at the Teddy Bear Museum - in the garden. It's for everyone who love bears - and of course you must take yours with you. If you don't have time to pack a basket you can buy afternoon tea at the café. Underneath is the chorus of the very famous Teddy Bear's Picnic song.

(John W. Bratton and James B. Kennedy)


Every teddy bear, that's been good
Is sure of a treat today
There's lots of wonderful things to eat
And wonderful games to play

Beneath the trees, where nobody sees
They'll hide and seek as long as they please
Today's the day the teddy bears have their picnic

5 May 2014

Special teddy exhibition in Skagen's Culture Centre

During the month of May a special exhibition is open - free - to the public in Kappelborg, Skagen's Culture Centre. You can see some of the teddies that have been shown in the Junior section at ARoS art museum.  The Teddy Museum sets up a small exhibition every December there for children to enjoy during the winter. The Teddy Museum also sets up a collection box for donations to their children's charity. Any small change in your pocket welcome!

Kristine og Lotte hjælper med at stille bamserne op på Kappelborg

Dronningen - lavet af Vivi-Ann Lennartz
fra Pas-de-deux (ARoS Junior)
Kosmiske Bjørne - idé og billeder Liz Hempel
bamserne håndsyet af Vivi-Ann
fra udstilling på ARoS junior
Bamse på flyvende stol - lavet af Liz Hempel
fra Bamsernes Sociale bænker
udstillet på ARoS junior

27 Apr 2014

New at the Teddy Bear Museum in Skagen ...

NEW! grow your own Teddy Bear sunflower! pack with 2 peat pots, potting mix, seeds and instructions at the Teddy Bear Museum now. Price: 25 kr and the proceeds go to the kids cancer ward. See pictures further down.

COSY CAFÉ! Birgit has set up a really cosy Teddy Café by the museum, next to the Ice Cream shop. Child and Teddy friendly. She is a whizz at homemade breakfasts,light lunches and afternoon teas (cakes and sandwiches). The latter are based on traditional English afternoon teas. Yummy! We know - we've been there and tried it.

Den nye Bamsecafé.
Birgit severer morgenmad, let frokost og kaffe med hjemmebag.
Kan reserveres til privat selskab.


16 Apr 2014

Spring feeling at the Teddy Bear Museum

We have just visited the Teddy Bear Museum - it was sunny and there was definitely a feeling that Spring was springing forth! Folk could even sit outside the Ice-cream café to enjoy their ices.