20 Mar 2014

Teddy Bear sunflower seedlings

Today is the spring equinox - from now on there are more hours of daylight than hours of dark. It's really springtime - hurrah! So now is the time to plant some seeds on the windowsill and watch them grow. We love sunflowers and our favorite is called Teddy Bear. It looks as cuddly as a teddy and is easy to grow.

NEW! grow your own Teddy Bear sunflower! pack with 2 peat pots, potting mix, seeds and instructions at the Teddy Bear Museum now. Price: 25 kr and the proceeds go to the kids cancer ward.

Solsikken "Teddy Bear".
På Bamsemuseet kan købes små plantepakker.
I hver pose er: potte, jord, frø og instruktioner
så du kan plante din helt egen BamseBlomst pakken
koster 25 kr og pengene går til kræftsyge børn.
When the seedlings are big enough we will put them into large pots outside and they will grow like this ....