29 May 2014

Teddy Bears' Picnic Saturday at 3pm!

We're packing our picnic things. The big bears are talking about important stuff - the weather on the weekend - and little bear says "I'm packing this marcipan bear we bought in Lübeck - yummy! - can't wait to eat it!"

Bamsernes Picnic lørdag - på Bamsemuseet kl. 15 - og bamse-familien pakke picnic-kurven - lille bamse
pakke en marcipan bamse - hmmm - det vil smager godt siger han.

22 May 2014

Pack your basket with aftenoon tea and join in the teddy bears' picnic!

Saturday 31 May 3pm-5pm you are welcome to come to a Teddy Bears' Picnic at the Teddy Bear Museum - in the garden. It's for everyone who love bears - and of course you must take yours with you. If you don't have time to pack a basket you can buy afternoon tea at the café. Underneath is the chorus of the very famous Teddy Bear's Picnic song.

(John W. Bratton and James B. Kennedy)


Every teddy bear, that's been good
Is sure of a treat today
There's lots of wonderful things to eat
And wonderful games to play

Beneath the trees, where nobody sees
They'll hide and seek as long as they please
Today's the day the teddy bears have their picnic

5 May 2014

Special teddy exhibition in Skagen's Culture Centre

During the month of May a special exhibition is open - free - to the public in Kappelborg, Skagen's Culture Centre. You can see some of the teddies that have been shown in the Junior section at ARoS art museum.  The Teddy Museum sets up a small exhibition every December there for children to enjoy during the winter. The Teddy Museum also sets up a collection box for donations to their children's charity. Any small change in your pocket welcome!

Kristine og Lotte hjælper med at stille bamserne op på Kappelborg

Dronningen - lavet af Vivi-Ann Lennartz
fra Pas-de-deux (ARoS Junior)
Kosmiske Bjørne - idé og billeder Liz Hempel
bamserne håndsyet af Vivi-Ann
fra udstilling på ARoS junior
Bamse på flyvende stol - lavet af Liz Hempel
fra Bamsernes Sociale bænker
udstillet på ARoS junior