29 Aug 2014

Rupert Bear of Nutwood

When Teddy was little he read lots of books about the adventures of Rupert Bear and his friends who lived in a magical place called Nutwood. So many exciting adventures!
Teddy recommends:  be tempted and get a Rupert Book for a child in your life -  enjoy reading it together.

To learn more about Rupert Bear click here:  Rupert Bear

... and here is the Rupert display at the Bamsemuseum with some older Rupert toys:

There all sorts of puzzles in the Rupert Books and here is one from the The Daily Express Annual: "The New Rupert Book", 1951.Ting Ling and Rupert are looking at the secret Pagoda by moonlight. It is a magical place and there are things in the scene that remind Rupert of his friends: Bill Badger, Edward Trunk, Algy Pug, Podgy Pig, Rex and Regie Rabbit and Dinkie the cat. Can you find them? (If you do not know what the friends look like check out the website link above).

8 Aug 2014

The teddies are enjoying summery Skagen!

Keep your eyes open - you may just see a teddy who has sneaked out of the Teddy Museum and is enjoying the summer weather in Skagen.