21 Jun 2015

Some bears climb trees ...

The little Skagen bear who lives in Teddy's house is always out and about. Today he wants to show you a special tree near his house.

Den lille Skagens Bamse vil gerne vise hans
favorit klatre-træ.
Den er som en hemmelig træ-hule.
Can you see from the leaves what sort of tree it is? It is also a super climbing tree with low strong branches. Very, very carefully the little bear and his friends climbed onto a comfortable branch. Even though people walked passed, nobody saw them, as leaves hung down around the whole tree like curtains. A secret tree-cave.
Kan du se hvilken slags træ den er? Se på bladene. Grenene
er lav og stærk og behagelige at sidde på.

Answer: Sycamore/Ahorn

4 Jun 2015

Little Teddy goes for a summer romp in the sunshine ...

... and checks out all the fresh summer greenery. First the yellow Welsh poppies then the sunflower seedlings Big Teddy has planted. They will grow into Teddy Bear sunflowers, Big Teddy grows those every year. Then the little Skagen bear climbs a couple of trees - can you see what the trees are by looking at the leaves? (Answers right at the bottom of the page.)

Lille Skagens bamse med walisk-valmuer i haven.
Disse små planter bliver til store Teddy Bjørn solskikker.
Hvilket slags træ klatrer den lille bamse i? Kig på bladerne.
Og hvilket træ et det her?
Svar: Beech/bøg, oak/eg.